The Kingston Point Dog Park in Kingston, New York is a safe, responsibly designed, well managed recreation facility that serves the citizens of Kingston and their dogs. Kingston’s diverse population is building a community through shared interests in dogs. We are learning about, caring for, and enjoying the  benefits of the human bond with companion animals.



Fortunately, the development of our society’s view of the proper standard for humane treatment of animals, particularly companion animals, is advancing very rapidly. As in most cases, it is preferable to prevent a problem than to solve it. There is great benefit to controlling the population of dogs and cats to eliminate overcrowding of shelters. When animals are properly exercised, they are more easily trained and managed, thereby reducing the likelihood of mistreatment, neglect, and abandonment. With improved owner/dog relationship, fewer dogs end up in overflowing shelters that all too often resort to euthanizing animals that are difficult to re-home.

Health Safety Education

Dog parks are frequently used by dog owners in early morning and late evening (before and after work) and reduce the incidence of vandalism and crime in nearby neighborhoods. In communities that have dog parks, statistically, there are reduced rates of dog bite incidents. The dog park can also be a space for public demonstrations and expert instruction in effective and gentle dog training, veterinarian medical treatment, and information about dog protection law.

The Kingston Dog Control Officer will supervise local compliance with NYS requirements for current dog license and rabies tags.

Community Benefits

People from every demographic, cultural and ethnic background come together and share mutual interests and values through responsible dog ownership. The community also shares concern for handicapped and senior citizens who have limited ability or opportunity to exercise their pets. Dog owners and non-dog owners alike can enjoy the congenial atmosphere.